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March is Nutrition Month- It’s More Than Food

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by Vanessa Sarraino R.H.N. March 2022

“Food is our fuel”, we are all fine tuned systems that require nutrient dense foods that will energize our body, mind and soul. Every morsel of food or beverage we ingest will dictate the wellness of our organs, our mood, our alertness, memory and much more. 

There is an array of information on what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, eat this, not that, weigh your food etc., that can be completely overwhelming and frustrating. Marketing companies make billions of dollars a year trying to make unhealthy food-look healthy! Here is a – must remember– rule of thumb for optimal health – eat your food as close as possible to the way Mother Nature grows it. If you have to tear it open, wrip it open, use a can opener, read instructions from a box to get to your meal, chances are it has been tainted by man/woman with one or more of the 62, 000 food chemicals and preservatives our government has allowed to be placed in our food.

Eating food close to its natural state is almost a guarantee that you are receiving healthy nutrients that your body needs to sustain itself.

Healthy nutrition is essential for preventing disease. A healthy diet, married with regular physical activity and 2-3 liters of water a day, helps promote wellness. Nutrient rich foods will ensure you are getting quality proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals that assist in proper digestion, which, inturn, creates a positive mood and brain alertness by reducing bloating, cramping and brain fog that is almost always present after ingesting processed and refined foods. Also our gut-microbiomes and immune system become so compromised when eating food laden with sugar, fat and salt.

Nourishing foods such as dark green vegetables, fruits, non glutinous grains, lean meats and fish, experimenting with herbs and spices for flavoring, do wonders in improving your mood. “Food is mood” and there is such a strong brain and gut connection that has a major impact on brain function, affecting your wellness.  

Small steps in changing one’s diet is crucial. I always suggested adding new healthy food and rather than taking unhealthy food away. When you begin to add nourishing food to each meal, you will notice that your body actually begins to crave wholesome foods because your cells begin to absorb good quality nutrients and thirst for more while diminishing cravings,lethargy, and brain fog. 

Please be kind to yourself during this journey that will change your well being. There may be moments when we indulge, and that is truly OK, just begin your next meal with nourishing food to supply you with optimal energy and mood.

For more healthy holistic recipes and information please visit and look for Celiac Sweeties – Holistic Information and Recipes for Individuals with Celiac Disease and other Autoimmune Deficiencies (to be released at the end of March 2022).


Celiac Sweeties By Vanessa Sarriano Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Easy, Nutritious, Delicious Recipes

For more healthy holistic recipes and information see Celiac Sweeties – Holistic Information and Recipes for Individuals with Celiac Disease and other Autoimmune Deficiencies.

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