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The success of any company or corporation, small or large, weighs heavily on the wellbeing and morale of its employees. When employees are encouraged, feel valued, safe and well respected there is an overall satisfaction and excitement to work. Over the last few decades corporate health, wellness and happiness have become more widely accepted in the business culture. Below you will find reasons why employee health and wellness must matter:

1. Increase Productivity

When employees feel content and enjoy their workplace environment, productivity increases. Employees with higher morale, satisfaction in their work and workplace, exhibit higher productivity. Employees with low morale demonstrate lower productivity. This, of course, will determine how successful a company is and can grow to be.

2. Customer/Client Relationships

Employees who feel their thoughts, opinions, suggestions and/or ideas are appreciated treat customers and clients with the same respect. They listen more attentively and genuinely care about the business-client relationship.

3. Competitive Advantage

When a company is going through a difficult business situation, as many have during the pandemic COVID 19, employees who have felt cared for over the years, are more dedicated and determined to help the company survive and see them through the challenges.

4. Collaboration

Staff who have high work satisfaction work well together and work exceptionally well as a team.  Happy workers can be contagious, making other happy workers.

5. Lower Absenteeism

Promoting health in the workplace helps reduce absenteeism. Staff learns about how to keep safe and healthy. The Canadian Institute for Health Information, Commonwealth Fund Survey 2016, stated that the average employee takes 8.1 days off a year, costing the company approximately $2000. Over time, by being proactive in the health and wellness department, business performance will have a strongly positive outcome. Forbes published an article, The Causes And Costs Of Absenteeism In The Workplace, in 2014 indicating absenteeism, accidents, and errors go up when employees feel devalued and disengaged from the company.

Establishing a workplace that values the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of its employees will create a company that can thrive. An environment that encourages happiness and wellbeing will have a return of excellent, meaningful and productive work. Provide your staff with an establishment that provides exceptional employee care and not only will they only value you but the growing business.



Vanessa Sarraino R.H.N. Corporate, Nutrition and Mental Health and Wellness Program Speaker, will improve employee morale, confidence, productivity and ignite ambition while reducing absenteeism, workplace injuries and turnover rate. Vanessa Sarraino, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, brings in-depth knowledge, warmth and enthusiasm as she teaches the tools to motivate employees to live and maintain healthier lives. Vanessa works alongside many forward-thinking employers to spread a culture of health by demonstrating comprehensive nutrition and mental health and wellness strategies, to help employers empower employees to take charge of their own wellness and to adopt healthier nutritional behaviours and stress management techniques. Energized, revived, enthusiastic and rejuvenated are what every employer would hope their employees feel when at work. 

 For detailed information about programs visit or Contact Vanessa: and (647)654-0023. 

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