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Improve employee morale, confidence, productivity and ignite ambition while reducing absenteeism, workplace injuries and turn over rate. Vanessa Sarraino, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, brings in-depth knowledge, warmth and enthusiasm as she teaches the tools to motivate employees to live and maintain healthier lives.

Registered Holistic Nutritionist Vanessa Sarriano

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Success Through Health And Wellness

Optimize employee performance by providing education on nutrition, health and wellness and its benefits in improving energy level, alertness, focus and morale. By using food as fuel and medicine for the mind and body, we create a joyous, healthy, collaborative and motivated workplace. 

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Celiac Sweeties

By Vanessa Sarriano, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic information and Recipes for Individuals with Celiac Disease and other Autoimmune Deficiencies

It is with the utmost joy and excitement that I announce the publication of my first informative based celiac and anti inflammatory cookbook. This  written creation was truly a work based on love and a strong desire to educate and help begin the journey of healing for autoimmune sufferers.

Easy to follow, thoughtful recipes created to help you thrive and life a full life of vitality and energy. 

Celiac Sweeties By Vanessa Sarriano Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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Registered Holistic Nutritionist Vanessa Sarriano

Vanessa is one of the most dedicated, earnest and passionate people I’ve ever met. As a speaker/facilitator she’s a lovely blend of substance and sparkle—just what workshop participants and conference audiences desire, whatever the topic! Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Food, Nutrition and Family Studies, a Bachelor of Education, and topping it all off with Certification as a L.E.A.N. Coach, Vanessa intrigues and enthralls with her wisdom and information, all ‘dished up’ in a presentation style that’s warm, authentic and informative, every time out. Her insights on food and nutrition will make you go both, ‘Mmmmm” and ‘Hmmmm’. I’m a huge fan and champion of Vanessa’s keynotes and workshops. I keenly recommend her services and topics as a fun and fine fit for a wide variety of industries’ and professions’ corporate events…for all ‘kids’, big or small!

Nina Spencer

Conference Keynotes and Workshops/Canadian Bestselling Author of, Getting Passion Out of Your Profession: How to keep loving your living…come what may, Publisher of the complimentary on-line newsletter Working Wisdom